Tappet Clatter: March 2022

March 2022

Revs Institute Volunteers have been busy with three that have completed their Docent training, remarks from two high school volunteers on their volunteer experiences, support for the first Hodges University Car Show to benefit their Dr. Peter Thomas Veterans Services Center and a report on our February Volunteers Meeting. That meeting featured a great report from Lauren Goodman on racer, race team owner, and innovator, Lucy O’Reilly Schell. Part one of her article appears in this issue. Also, Part Two of Lodge McKee’s history of the museum and volunteers. In this issue are pictures from Miles Collier Collections cars getting exercised at Brian Redman’s Targa 66 event. This month’s Tappet Trivia goes Italian, so put on your Ferrari cap and dig in. New Volunteer, Bill Vincent gives us a peek at the tip of the “iceberg” of work required to ready a race car to compete in the IndyCar series before the first race. Tappet Tech¬†explores the origin of pneumatic tires and their construction.