Revs Institute’s 10th Biennial Symposium

In March 2019, Revs hosted its 10th Biennial Meaningful Car Symposium, a fusion of leading car collectors, thought leaders, historians, auto industry and restoration experts, and of course, major enthusiasts.

By bringing this distinguished group together for a three-day conference, we aim to spark interest and foster dialogue about important topics within the collectible and meaningful-car space. We are pleased to report that the 2019 Symposium was a resounding success with full attendance, including many first-time attendees who brought fresh perspectives to the sessions.

The program theme focused on “Preserving the Future of the Past” and highlighted the latest restoration and preservation techniques, analyzed trends in the collectible car market, and delved into the importance of automobiles as historical artifacts.

Miles Collier, founder of Revs, and architect of the Symposium series stated: “The automobile is one of the most important objects of modern material culture, and a major, if not defining factor, in the legacy of modernity itself. Distinct from heritage, which references things gone by, legacy is that stuff from the past that comes down to us for our use in the present and by subsequent generations in the future. Legacy defines the future of the past as we would like to see it. In this Symposium, we hope you will think about that kind of future.”

Thank you to everyone who attended this event, including our faculty, expert presenters, program supporters, and staff who made the 2019 Symposium one to remember.

We will soon be introducing a new feature this year to share our filmed symposium sessions in a subscription-based format.  More details on this addition coming soon.

Please enjoy a selection of photos below that help to capture a feel of the event and highlight some of the sessions.


Photography by Maximilian Trullenque