Tappet Clatter: November 2023

November 2023

Inside this November issue is the latest Membership Report which includes two new volunteers. The October Members Meeting featured RevsEd instructor, Mike Barbone, speaking about this wonderful educational initiative. We have the latest news from the Chattanooga Motorcar Festival and Rennsport VII. Starting this month the Tappet Clatter features the profile of one of our staff members. This month features Mike Ellis. Articles include a reprint of the French coachbuilders trade secret to beautiful flowing designs, the Three Olive Machine. We also explore the most exciting and most dangerous race, the Isle of Man Time Trial. Tappet Trivia features questions about Porsche’s leap to the top step at Le Mans and entry into the Can-Am series, the 917. Tappet Tech explains the De Dion suspension.

Eric Jensen
Tappet Clatter editor